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"With years of working with Madison, I have really enjoyed seeing the results and features that she produces, highly respecting our products. She raises the bar in her work; professional, elegant and artful."

- Susan Jardina, Emile Henry

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"The love and joy that goes into the intricate meals and premier food styling that Madison creates definitely comes through in her cooking. Many times, I have been in awe of the care and efforts that she spends to prepare delicious meals with such respect for our products. There’s a warmth in her writing; it makes you want to be right there with her to partake in the eating." 

Mandy Cook, John Boos & Co. 

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"Madison hosts afternoon tea with an approach that is refreshing but with such esteem to British tradition. She writes well and shares warm memories from her childhood. Within a moment, you are whisked away to a seat at her table. Her beautiful styling has an elegance and charm that can take you on a gourmet tour from the countryside to Soho." 


Newey & Bloomer 


"Baking food comes from the heart, and the work that it takes to create it requires skill and dedication. Madison’s dedication to make food look and taste good inspires gastronomes, writers, and even coffee connoisseurs!" 

Darron Burke, Café Don Pablo, Burke Brands LLC 

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"There is precision in the details and execution in Madison’s features. She writes with a clarity and brightness. As a designer brand, we love that!"


Stadler Form

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"Madison captures food thoughtfully. Working with Madison is smooth and professional. She translates her understanding of the art into contemporary delights for readers and guests. From her designing table décor to pairing the right glassware with a meal, the results are gorgeous."


Duralex USA

"We enjoy working with Madison, her articles are beautifully presented and well-researched. The reader is taken on an inspiring wellness journey."


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"Food always tastes and looks better when it is made and styled with passion. It is always a pleasure to work with a professional like Madison, who understands food as well as capturing the essence of brands."


"We enjoyed working with Madison. Her photography, attention to details and professionalism (even with a tight deadline) was a huge success!."

HeR Interactive | Nancy Drew Games

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